Spiritual Healer and Teacher 

Zak Lioutas Presents…

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Unleash your Emotional Blocks,

& step into your Power

in a Bold, Fierce, Unstoppable Way.

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Get ready to release old karmic beliefs, blocks, enhance your healing powers and start living your life with more love, joy and abundance. 

It’s time to FREE yourself from limitations, false beliefs, past traumas, old paradigms, emotional discomfort mama and daddy karma. . . 

The fear and constriction served, a vital function in your previously life 

(it literally may have kept you alive…)  but the playing small and fear-based thinking and re-activity no longer is in service to the 


Now that you’ve taken a sweet vow to live your richest, juiciest life that serves your soul with riches, by attracting more love, joy and financial abundance into your life.

Stepping into your confidence with grace and a smile on your face knowing your desires are being created behind the scenes as you re-write your story of yesterday to serve your soul of tomorrow, playing out like a great orgasm. 

The love that is vibrating from your heart feels grounded and awakening, bringing smiles to others that come into contact with you on a daily basis. 

You are now entering into a new vortex of expansion and soul activations, recognizing how powerful you are, at your core. Owning your potent Godly gifts and sharing with pure sacred blessings and love.

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…with a Soulful presence, joy, and a bold capacity to live your WILD AND PRECIOUS LIFE aligned with your HIGHEST PURPOSE and SPIRITUAL GIFTS. 

Soul Activation, in over 6 life changing months you will:

  • Turn your fears into faith

  • Rebirth your self worth to live at the highest capacity of love, awakening and self-awareness.

  • Create (and adore!) a practice of pleasure, joy, and gratitude as you stop trying to please others leaving yourself eternally empty and depleted.

  • Release the vail and allow yourself to step into your truth with confidence and more joy in your life.

  • Say no more to running away from the real you and living in scarcity, as you align your purpose with your passion.

  • Enter a love affair with yourself and your Central Intelligence spiritual guidance council and start to conceive massive impact for you and those that you love.

Step into your Powerful Self and Create the Empire that Lights you up, from the Inside, Out.  It’s your turn to shine and live a life of abundance and bliss.


All humans are powerful at the core of their essence…it is we ourselves who have forgotten -- and forsaken — our own Empire



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Module 1

Activating Your Truth - We came into this world pure and full of love, through our upbringing we were put on all sorts of limitations, programming, patterns and believes.. its time that you release that vail and see the real truth of your divine essence.(Value $1997)

Module 2

Align Your Power - Through life we have been defeated with mind thoughts, broken hearts, suffering, guilt, anger, betrayal and everything else in between. It’s time that you step back into your Power and CLAIM your Birthright (Value $1997)

Module 3

Lover for Life - What is it you desire? What did you imagine as a child your life to look like? What do you want it to look like now? How do you feel? Harness the life you want to create with your Highest Self, be clear with your intentions and thoughts. (Value $1997)

The Money Orgasm - Money is like SEX, it feels good when you get it, they both  play a huge role together. Money, power, respect, love, happiness.. A good orgasm can go along way, just like stacks of money. IMAGINE IT (Value $1997)

Module 4

Module 5

Laws of Cause and Effect - What you put out there is what comes back to you. Laws of cause and effect work in all aspects in your life. Sub-consciously at times you may not realize what you’re putting out there and you’re wondering why life is treating you this way. Time for a tune Up.  (Value $1997)

Module 6

Laws of Compensation/Attraction - Entering the Quantum Field. When you live your life like a beautiful movie, in the knowingness and trusting within yourself into the universe, LOA automatically starts to create compensation in many ways along with many other blessings. (Value $1977)

Module 7

AWAKENED… Awakening comes in layers of evolving into something blissful. Every layer has a lesson, a blessing, and teaching (Value $1997)





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“I met Zak about 4 years ago while shopping for shoes. We ran into each other as strangers but made an instant connection. I started going to some of her classes and instantly fell in love with her personality and vibe. We started working together monthly, and she guided my girls and me through the  emotional time of a divorce. I am so grateful we met. She helped us see clarity and to feel hope through such a difficult time. I grew as a women and learned to fall in love with myself again. If you’re looking for a connected and valuable spiritual teacher, Zak will show you a new level of connection with the divine and yourself. 

Thank you so much, Zak. You are such a gift to the world.”

— Nicole Scott, Own Your Sparkle

“ Zak has been with me every step of the way from dealing with my former husband’s infidelity, divorce, a thriving business, and the decision to purchase a $1.4 million home. Zak has guided me to stand my ground, speak my truth, and create healthy boundaries that serve my soul. Thanks to Zak, I’ve taken my power back one breath and step at a time. I’ve learned to stop pleasing everyone around me, which was leaving me depleted and, at times, frustrated with my life’s perceived misfortunes. 

Thank you, Zak, for always being there for me and supporting me through some of the most challenging times in my life. Today I can say I’m the happiest I’ve ever been—mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Not only is my business thriving, I’m now teaching others how to find their voice after divorce and step into their power with confidence. ”

— Natasha Williams, clinical psychologist

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Testimonial Amy Ricco.png

“My journey with Zak started when I was in grade 5 and having a  hard time fitting in with my classmates. I knew that there was something different about me, but I didn’t understand what it was. Zak brought light to these feelings and emotions and taught me how to use the unique energy to my advantage. 

As I now head into university, I feel confident in myself with all the knowledge gleaned from Zak’s teachings, including learning how to conquer my inner demons and fears, the concept of mind over matter, and the importance of self-care, along with other great wisdom. 

These lessons have and continue to be life-changing.Thank you, Zak, for being such a big part of my life. I’m forever grateful.”

— Amy Ricco, university student of law