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Zak Lioutas has been featured in a variety of media platforms from podcasts to tv shows and print publications. With experience and qualifications in spirituality, mindset, nutrition, reiki, psychology, and colon hydrotherapy, and as a Soul Activator, Intergalactic Elder, and Master Keyholder.

Zak is the perfect guest for your show or publication. 

Here are some topics Zak loves talking about—

- The Absence of the Spirit - Mental Health - We came into this world complete, fully spirited, and ready to conquer life. During the first seven years of our lives, we are bombarded with messages from all around us; we’re taught how to fear and feel anger, guilt, shame, and resentment. These ‘lessons’ empower our ego and leave our spirit on the sidelines suffering with emotions that make it weak, forgotten, and submissive.

- Human Empowerment - Harness Your Inner Warrior - Human empowerment is about standing in your power, speaking your truth, and establishing healthy boundaries with those that surround you. But what do those catch phrases really mean? At the core of human empowerment is understanding the truth of who we are and accepting ourselves on a deeper level with the greatest self-awareness. Most aspects of life and society from gender to religion, from team sports to climbing the corporate ladder, are about creating divisions between people. 

Human empowerment focuses on the opposite—it embraces the unification of the divine feminine and masculine.

- Awakening - Typically we give away our power because we’re seeking to fulfill another aspect of our lives. Awakening your spirit is about regaining your powerful self, the pure one you’ve given freely to others or have had taken from you by those who did not have your best interests at heart. It’s time to reawaken your inner wisdom.

- Emotional Blocks to Spiritual Expansion - Emotional blocks arise into our awareness to teach us a vital lesson in our lives. Whether it’s to release the old so we may open the door to embrace the new, emotional blocks awaken us to see life through new lenses.

- Breaking through your Upper Limited Beliefs - Every time we approach a change in our life, career, or business, we’re faced with some sort of emotional challenge. This shows us that we’re being encouraged to move through the old limited beliefs that are trying to keep us shackled to the past. In other words, the challenge is a reminder to release, embrace our courage to break through our glass ceiling, and travel further on our journey of transformation. 

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