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You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions below.. 


What is Soul Activation?

Soul Activation is a process I use to release stagnant energetic debris from your mind and spirit and imprint new energies in your auric field. This enables you to see life with more clarity and from a new perspective. The process also incorporates higher vibration guidance to help you step into your power and create what you want in your life as you leave behind the old patterns and beliefs that have you shackled to the past.


How does this all work?

Zak connects with your higher consciousness and spirit guides along with her counsel of Elders, Healers, and Light Beings to guide you into clarity as you become aware of what is happening in your life now and how you can release anything you no longer need, and birth what you want to create in your present and future. 

Each session is unique and depends on your dreams and goals.


Do I need to do anything before we connect?

I always advise clients to set their intention for the call, as I set my intention to bring you the highest source of wisdom from the cosmic world and guide you with clarity into knowing that all you desire is possible. You don’t need to tell me what your intention is as I connect with your energy and work with both your guides and mine. I’ll cover your intentions in the way that they are presented during the session. 


How do we meet?

Our sessions are done on Zoom. This gives you the opportunity to record the session for later use. We’ll email you a Zoom link you use to connect once we’ve set up your time and you’ve paid for your session(s). Zoom is easy to use, and you don’t have to download the software. Just click the link and connect.

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“My husband and I started to work with Zak four years ago, as we found ourselves in a difficult business situation. From the first day, she invited us to take a long-term view and assured us that, while our situation would be drawn out,  it would end with a judge's positive ruling. Zak said things that didn’t make sense to us at the time, but, to our surprise, it all came to fruition. Not only was she there every step of the way through a difficult time, making sure we were well protected from above, but she also reminded us to recharge our batteries as it was essential to take care of our bodies and minds to be able to withstand the journey ahead she saw for us. She created a safe harbour by reminding us that our situation would end in our favour. Four years later and we can confidently say we are victorious. We would recommend Zak to any business owner who finds themselves in a difficult situation. Her support is invaluable. Thank you, Zak, for all the work you have done for us.”

— Toni & Paul, business owners

“I knew from the first moment I embarked on my spiritual path that it wouldn’t be an easy one. I was holding onto, and hiding from, debilitating childhood trauma, mommy pleasing issues, a lack mindset, and never feeling good enough for anyone or myself. I was overwhelmed with guilt, shame, body image issues, a failing marriage, and looking to fill my emptiness with undesirable sex. I was giving away my power, confidence, and self-esteem to those who didn’t care about me in order to feel some sort of belonging.

Today I can confidently say with Zak’s guidance and spiritual teachings all that is behind me, and I now embrace life’s abundance and pleasures. I  have created healthy boundaries and learned how to use my voice to speak my truth and stand in my power with compassion and love. My relationship with my family has shifted. I have a healthy relationship with my former husband, and I love me for who I am internally and externally. 

Thank you, Zak, for always being there for me and guiding me with the universe in the most empowering ways. Your teachings always come to mind when adversity strikes. ”

— Indi, human resources

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“Zak is one of the most potent intuitives I have ever worked with. She is nothing short of remarkable at what she sees and how she interprets her visions. She guided me to sell one of my properties, which brought me a great ROI, when I was intending to hold onto it. Her work is magical, and I’m happy to call her not only my intuitive guide but a friend. I would highly recommend Zak to anyone who is looking to create more abundance, clarity, and confidence in their life and wanting to step into their power and knowingness. 

Thank you, Zak.”

— Charles D, multi-business owner