20 ways to HEAL your MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT

20 ways to HEAL your MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT

Lately I’ve been revisiting my humble beginnings of studying nutrition and how to heal my body through foods and herbs. 
I started this journey after my 1997 diagnosis of cancer. I realized that my diet had been lacking in micro and macro nutrients. 
If it wasn’t fried, I didn’t eat it—unless it was my mother’s home cooked meals.

After moving through cancer, all I could think about was, If I don’t change the way I eat, I’ll end up in the same place again.

I also realised that, despite 20 years of education and personal development, I had totally forgotten about taking deep care of myself.

As Hippocrates said, “‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food.’So I got right down to business in the kitchen—broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, kale, mushrooms, and the list went on. The new tastes and textures in my mouth were something I needed to learn about and love. 

Just as in life, when you add spice into your food, the flavours become robust and explosive.

I started to consider my cooking an act of deep love. I shared my love of food by creating themed parties at my house. It brought great joy to me to see others love the food I was cooking. 

During this time, I came to deeply understand the importance of bringing self-love to our bodies, the temples of our souls. I’d previously neglected my temple and wasn’t happy for letting myself go that far down the rabbit hole. But I made a conscious decision to change my life, how I ate, and how I cared for my body.

As we approach the point of Armageddon with our planet from how we’re treating our soil, air, water, each other, and other living beings, we are being reminded to return to the old ways of food production where we grew much of our own food naturally. 

Eating local organic product and meeting your local farmer are great places to start. This builds social cohesion, as well as being good for your body.

Food plays a huge role in keeping our psyche happy and healthy: how we nourish our mind and body allows us to release more of the physically stagnant debris that sits in the gut.

When we are in harmony and eat from the earth’s offerings, we expand from within us and outwards into the ether. 

You heal your bowels and, in turn, your mind. 
Your mood changes, and so does your confidence. 
You feel more energised and alive from the inside out.
You start to love yourself that much more.
You’re on a new vibe and are loving every minute of it.

 Our body is our temple, and it’s our responsibility to treat it with love and compassion. 

Below are 20 ways to heal your MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT.

  1. Eat whole nutritious food – eat fruits and vegetables every day. Remove sugar, gluten, and dairy from your diet.

  2. Drink at least 2 to 2.5L of water daily – hydrate your body with what mother nature gives us. Water is life, and about half of our body is made up from it.

  3. Exercise – release any stagnant energy sitting in your organs, muscles, and cells, as you move energy through you with exercise. Yoga is particularly powerful.

  4. Meditation – be present by releasing what no longer wishes to be in your auric field.

  5. Speak love words to your body and life – how you speak to yourself is a reflection of how you love yourself, see yourself, and what you want to manifest in your life.

  6. Take probiotics before bed and upon waking – help your intestines to rejuvenate and work at optimum health.

  7. Replace at least one meal daily with a smoothie or juice – give your body a break from solid foods. This makes it easier for your liver to cleanse your body. If you can replace two meals a day with a juice or smoothie, even better.

  8. Intermittent fasting – gives your body and liver a rest from breaking down and distributing nutrients to the rest of your body. 

  9. Coffee enemas – helps to remove stagnant debris and energy from your liver more than anything. Your bowels also reap the benefits.

  10. Massage - Acupuncture - Sauna – tools for self-love.

  11. Meal prep – stay focussed on your goals as you prepare each meal with love.

  12. Dance – as you move your body, you connect with the energy of the divine.

  13. Laugh often – find the joy in all that is presented to you. The more you look at life as your teacher, the more laughter you’ll find within yourself and your awakening process.

  14. Elevate self-love – do things that make you feel good about yourself. Stop putting yourself second and trying to gas up everyone else, leaving your tank on empty. Gas up, darling, before you deplete yourself any further.

  15. Daily orgasms – orgasms are like life. It feels good when things go your way with life, as it does when you have that special someone or two that elevates you to be the best version of you.

  16. Vibe with like-minded people – they say, ‘Show me your closest friends, and I can tell you your worth’. The people  you surround yourself with greatly influence the outcome of your life. It’s okay to move up in life—which includes uplevelling your frequency—others will catch up someday.

  17. Travel often – become culturally curious. When you travel, you open up your horizons by awakening your inner child who views the world in awe and can’t wait to expand and explore.

  18. Play often – allow your creativity to shine. Don’t get so caught up in your to do list that you forget to live. Celebrations are important in giving gratitude to the universe for everything that has come your way.

  19. Oxygen chamber/IV treatment – use these to get right to the source of your cells in order to be able to shift your energy levels and heal your body.

  20. H2O float – brings you back to the womb space and allows you to release and rejuvenate into a new sense of life. I do this with my favourite Tibetan meditation and come out feeling a little woozy at first until I ground myself and bring my spirit back to this plane. 

    Whatever you do, remember that rising into your fullest self is a process and not a race. 

    Enjoy as you activate and release through it…
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    In harmony, 

zak lioutas