10 steps to living a 5D life.

10 steps to living a 5D life.

People started asking me about the 5th dimension years ago: what is it, and how do we get there?

More than a few years ago, I also had a teacher ask me to guide him into higher dimensions during our time together as he was teaching me reiki. Ah, my humble beginnings.

I used to wander around happily in the higher dimensions much more frequently than I do now. I value this time because I learned important lessons, but the most significant message I received was the need to ground myself in this third dimension, so I could live my human life out the way I was destined to live it. Getting lost ‘up there’ wasn’t going to help me ‘down here’.

As much as the higher dimensions are sheer bliss to your soul and it craves to be there, you can bring that bliss into your present moment and create heaven on earth for yourself. In fact, you’re being invited to do so for it is your divine birthright.

What is the 5D?

This dimension is a blissful place where you are in nothingness, yet find a sense of inner peace, joy, abundance, and the most vibrant love you could ever feel. This is also your kundalini rising. 

When you open your divinity to your truth and allow the shadows to diminish in the light, you’ll rise into a new level of awareness and self-discipline in complete acceptance of what is, what was, and what you can create. 

Your frequency enters a new phase where you lovingly learn how to deal with the world and become immune to distractions that try to sway you from your faith, happiness, and destiny. 
You discover that you are an eternal student, and life is your classroom.
You realize how you allow others to treat you is up to you.
How your life turns out is up to you.
How happy you are is up to you.
You see how abundant the world is and open yourself to receiving the desires of your heart and soul.
You become deeply grateful every day for your blessings.

You come into fully knowingness that you are the key to your truth. This is the path that brings you to a blissful state of 5D. 

Can you be in this state all the time? 
YES, absolutely.

From the frequency of this dimension, you know how to deal with life’s challenges in a holistic way and that everything works for the best in all situations. 

Once you heal through your mental and emotional wounds, overcome imprints, beliefs of the past, traumas, and old stories, and release any physical debris from your body, the 5D world is there waiting for you. 

The name of this game is getting your inner spiritual work taken care of while you bring order to your physical world, breathe deeper, and release from the core.

Releasing lower vibrations from the past to bring you into your presence and future in a higher vibrational way is about living in your divine essence. The whole concept of 5D can be difficult for many to grasp; it feels so complex and woo woo. Keeping a positive outlook on life and doing what you love are the keys to living in  the 5D reality. 

The only obstacle holding you back is when the ego joins the game and tries to intercept your thoughts and drag them back into an old familiar state. 

This is where the real work begins for in the state of darkness lays the best answers to the deepest questions in our hearts and the road to self-awareness and awakening.

Getting into the 5D world takes work every day.
This is the work of self-love.
To help you on your journey, below is a list of 10 things you can do to start living the 5D way with ease.

1. Find the wisdom in your suffering – know why things turned out the way they did. This is where you learn about yourself and your personal patterns, beliefs, and boundaries, so you don’t make the same mistakes again.

2. Create more joy in your present moment – wherever you feel you need more joy in your life, focus on bringing more light and happiness into that area. This can be the key to forging a greater trajectory for your life within moments.

3. Release what doesn’t bring you happiness – you have the power to change anything you want in life. The excuses and fears hold you back from allowing your inner greatness to arrive in your present moment.

4. Activate your sexual chakra – getting caught up in life and forgetting your sexual desires leaves out an enormous part of self-love and receiving. Releasing any sexual trauma is necessary as you activate this chakra, so you’re open to receiving and feeling safe at the same time.

5. Exercise and nutrition–- how you feed your body and mind is how you see the world. The more you eat what the earth has to offer, the more connected you’ll feel with the world. Exercise and nutrition play a huge role in all areas of your life. The healthier you are, the more energy you have to accomplish the life you desire. 

6. Daily journaling – there are two parts to this. a. Morning journaling—write the tone you want to set for the day, how you want to feel, what you’d like to accomplish, and the miracles you’re open to receiving in your life. b. Reflecting on your day before bed—connect with how your day went, what you would change or do differently, how you reacted, what you wanted to see, and how your day went overall.

7. Breath work – bringing awareness to your breath is the most important step. Many people don’t breathe all the way through their body and stop just short of the middle of their bodies. The majority of stagnant energy sits in your lower chakras. Mindfully bringing your breath there allows it to emulsify and shift the energy to a higher vibration instantly.

8. Daily meditation – this is a great place to tap into how you want your life to turn out and connect with your higher consciousness and guides, so you can start living your visions, desires, and emotions in the 3D world.

9. Acts of service – doing something good every day allows you to see how we are one with everything and the catalyst to change. This can be anything you feel called to do; it’s just a matter of doing it.

10. Mindfulness – become mindful in everything you do by starting to become more conscious of things that are happening all around you and within you. Mindfulness is a way of living in parallel worlds from a higher state of self-awareness. 

Living the 5D is possible for every human being on the planet. And the power of a cohesive humanity living from this dimension would be transformational not only for us but for the earth and every living being on her.

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