20 ways to HEAL your MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT

Lately I’ve been revisiting my humble beginnings of studying nutrition and how to heal my body through foods and herbs. 
I started this journey after my 1997 diagnosis of cancer. I realized that my diet had been lacking in micro and macro nutrients. 
If it wasn’t fried, I didn’t eat it—unless it was my mother’s home cooked meals.

After moving through cancer, all I could think about was, If I don’t change the way I eat, I’ll end up in the same place again.

I also realised that, despite 20 years of education and personal development, I had totally forgotten about taking deep care of myself.

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zak lioutas
10 steps to living a 5D life.

People started asking me about the 5th dimension years ago: what is it, and how do we get there?

More than a few years ago, I also had a teacher ask me to guide him into higher dimensions during our time together as he was teaching me reiki. Ah, my humble beginnings.

I used to wander around happily in the higher dimensions much more frequently than I do now. I value this time because I learned important lessons, but the most significant message I received was the need to ground myself in this third dimension, so I could live my human life out the way I was destined to live it. Getting lost ‘up there’ wasn’t going to help me ‘down here’.

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Let every step move you forward.

Transformation and change are not always easy. It takes courage to make a commitment to yourself to accept what was, what is, and what will become.

The best way to really put this into practice is to allow every step you take  move you towards what you want to create in your life, regardless of whether it feels difficult or has the potential to hurt someone. 

Right now, the person you’re hurting is yourself by staying committed to what isn’t in alignment with your soul’s desires.

It’s time to be honest with yourself and plant the seeds of possibility, as you pull out the weeds of yesterday so your crop is new, healthy, and vibrates through your soul.

What no longer feels empowering, aligned, and good for your soul? 

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