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Open your heart, mind, and eyes to all the possibilities out there waiting for you.

Dissolve your mental and emotional challenges by bridging the gap between your thoughts and feelings to activate your soul and achieve the life you want to live. 

Be Bold
Be strong, not only mentally but physically, and feel confident to speak your truth. 

Create a plan to seize the day by standing your ground and going for what you want. 

Continue to stay focused on how you want to live rather than being phased by the downturns of life or what others have to say about your dreams.

My name is Zak Lioutas, and I’m ecstatic you’ve chosen to Be Bold, Fierce, and Unstoppable.

Whether you’re dealing with emotional blocks, mental disconnection, past trauma, childhood memories, or anything else holding you back in your life, there is always something better waiting for you.

You’re here for a purpose, and mine is to help you dissolve the mental and emotional challenges that are keeping you shackled to mediocrity. By activating your soul, I help you create a new reality, so you live to your fullest potential—mentally, physically, and spiritually. 

With 20 years of experience, I have guided hundreds of souls to release their old stories and stagnant past and light the flame within themselves. I show them how to access their gifts, so they live a more fulfilled life. God has steered me through each stage of my life, as I’ve worked in many areas, including personal training, yoga, nutrition, colon therapy, and now as a soul activator and spiritual teacher.

What the divine feminine and masculine need more than anything is for their energies to be intertwined, so they are both activated. This merging creates the greatest force possible for divinity and ascension.

Ready to be bold, fierce, and unstoppable?

Rewire your mindset to rewire your perception ~ Zak Lioutas

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We’re bombarded daily with different messages that distort our perception and overwhelm and disconnect us from our soul purpose. By learning to rewire your mindset, you open up unlimited possibilities and change your outlook, which enables you to move forward in your divine work.

Clear your lenses! With a laser focused and clear view, you see more opportunities.

The only thing we’re really lacking in life is creativity, and that’s why there are other people in our lives who have paved the way for us. In my programs, Soul Activation and 6 Figure Lifestyle, I teach you how to change your life and receive all your heart’s desires.

My experience

A clear turning point in my life came when my dad passed away from colon cancer. This traumatic event prompted me to learn about colon cancer and colon hydrotherapy. Following this and after my own diagnosis of cancer in 1997, I studied personal training and nutrition. At the same time I was dealing with the physical aspects of cancer, I was also succumbing to depression and anxiety—and a complete disconnection from my soul. I realized that I was not living my life in alignment with my soul purpose. My soul was crying out for something more.

One day during a meditation I heard, ‘Do you want to continue on the path of depression, and self-sabotage where you allow your fear and lack of confidence to guide the way?’ The answer, of course, was a clear no. Something needed to change. And I didn’t waste a moment. I went cold turkey on everything I was doing that held me back, including playing it safe, running around trying to please others, and working for other people. I turned my life around completely by starting to do what made me feel good rather than what I thought others wanted me to do.

Some might regret their past, but I embrace it. 

My past changed me and made me who I am today. 

I learnt about self-worth because of the journey I’ve taken.

Because of my life experiences, I’ve thrown myself into every aspect of human development and absorbed all the knowledge I can, so I can draw on it for you. I focus on all aspects of healing from the physical, including personal training and nutrition, to the mental, based on psychology, and embracing the spiritual that incorporates soul activation from my work as an Intergalactic Elder and Master Key Holder.

Why work with me?

I have the great ability to see your past and the role it plays in your present and how it can be cleared. At the same time, I can see your future self and the path I may guide you on, so you achieve what you want that much faster.

As a Soul Activator, Intergalactic Elder, and Master Key Holder, my purpose is to awaken humanity to tap into their higher consciousness. I’m here to help you recognise who you are in your truth, to really let go of all the suffering you’re holding onto, so your soul can flourish and fly. 

I want you to know your worth and heal from your trauma. Together, we can activate your soul, so you can live in your divine essence and find self-love and all your soul is crying out for. Whether it’s changing your life/money mindset, scaling your business, expanding your lightworker gifts, or living life on your terms, we cover it all. 

Even in my darkest days, I knew there was more. 

I want you to focus on the happier days of your life but always be reminded of the struggles. 

Depression showed me my light. 

Depression taught me my greatest lesson. 

It was once I divorced depression and anxiety that I developed a relationship with them, and now, if I come into contact with them, I can move past them quickly with grace.

We all face struggles in our life. My life has taught me that if I can overcome the struggles to live in the light, anyone can. It is my hope and soul purpose to open the door for you to walk through, so you may activate your soul. 

I teach people to stay in their genius zone and to stop wasting time. Through practical steps, you can have a profound impact on all areas of your life, whether it’s love, money, beautiful relationships, or anything else you’re searching for.


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“My experience with Zak’s 6 month program has been life-changing. 

It was as if my soul woke up and came alive again.

My life is no longer stagnant. Between Zak’s guidance, honesty, one-on-one sessions, meditations and group talks, I experienced major transformation in my life. 

I have gone through deep healing, self reflection, and expansion. 

I have found my passion for life, and I now feel I’m living my most authentic life. Most importantly, I’ve found my inner happiness.

I’m eternally grateful to Zak.”

— Cynthia AbboTT, Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

“Working with Zak,  my life has changed drastically.

From working through my fears to having a better understanding of who I am and my life purpose. 

I am grateful for Zak's continued guidance and assistance throughout my healing journey.

Health is Wealth ❤ ”

— Keisha L., Culinary Nutritionist

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“Zak is an amazing soul—so real and true. She speaks from the heart and tells you exactly what you need to hear—not always what you want to hear, but always what is best for your soul. 

One thing I loved about our sessions is when I was having an off day or week she always brought me back down to reality so that everything that was confusing me became clear. She has taught me to be strong, independent, and to have a voice. She has shown me that you can have all that your heart desires in life and that working on yourself and having faith will bring you true joy. 

I’m living my happily ever after, and it's so exciting.

Thank you, Zak, for always being there for me. 🙏❤️”

— Teresa, Reiki instructor


All energies are needed.

I love the difference between the yin and the yang. Where there is light, there is dark; and where there is dark, there is light. All the teachings I have to share with you come from the paths I have walked in this life, including my spiritual schooling and channelling sessions, meditations, and work with others in bringing messages to them during their healing sessions. Based on a lifetime (lifetimes) of experience, I tap into Spirit and energy to bring forth what is needed for you right now.

By inviting the soul to awaken and see things, we heal and move forward. 

As a child, my mom would often tell me to have eyes in the back of my head, not realizing she was teaching me to become more aware of my surroundings. I help you reconnect with your inner awareness.

We all want more love, money, and healthy relationships, but until we heal, we will continue to sub-consciously create blocks. 

We dive deeply into all this in my  programs—we don’t just scratch the surface. Once you go through the soul activation process and heal those wounds naturally by jump-starting your genius and releasing the old traumas, and even the past life issues that are living in the present, you’ll step onto your true path, out from the shadows and into the light. 

Through intertwining the masculine and feminine energies that reside in all of us and embracing the oneness of life and the power of the breath, we enter the flow of life.

Holding your breath and breathing slowly will keep you stuck. This is not life. Release. Flow. Breathe deeply through your whole body. 

I invite you to enter the flow of life.


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